Embassy of Nepal

New Delhi-110001


(Published on 21 August 2019)

The Embassy of Nepal, New Delhi invites quotations from firms/agencies/companies in supplying security services as per the security requirements of the Embassy at its premises.

  1. Scope of works:
  2. Provide round the clock security service at the entrance gate of the Chancery building, main entrance of the Ambassador’s residence and the entrance gate of the residence of the other staffs that are presiding within the Embassy premises.
  3. Observe and ensure that security aspects are maintained while entering and exiting the Embassy premises by all visitors including all activities that are related to security clearance, site inspection and crowd control.
  4. Provide assistance/information to the visitors in a professional manner.
  5. Maintain a record of the visitors and supervise their movement at the Embassy’s premises.
  6. Provision of additional security for special events as per the requirements of the Embassy in its premises.
  7. Ensure safety and protection measures are put into place for all the personnel and property of the Embassy.
  8. The service providing agency/firm/company should have a valid and updated registration and tax certificate in accordance with the local law.
  9. The agency/firm/company should have good track record of providing such manpower and services.
  10. Security personnel must be smartly dressed and also physically fit in order to perform such security duties.
  11. Priority will be given to an agency/firm/company that has experience in this field or has ex-service personnel or has provided service of this nature to any diplomatic mission or UN agencies.
  12. Estimated Manpower Requirement (Tentative):
  13. Should cater for two entrance gates and the chancery twenty four seven. The security personnel should include lady security personnel for office hours of the Embassy’s chancery.
  14. The agency/firm/company should have the capacity to provide additional Manpower as and when required by the Embassy.
  15. Interested agencies/firm/companies are requested to submit their quotation with bulk amount that states its monthly expenses/charges to the administration section latest by 4 September 2019. The quotation will be opened on next working day at 15.00hrs.
  16. Smart uniform for the personnel should be provided by the service provider.
  17. The Embassy will not responsible for any social security, insurance, leave or any other emolument/benefits for the security personnel. This will all be provided or taken care by the security firm/agency/company.
  18. The contract that is provided to the agency/firm/company will only be valid for one year from the date of the signing of the agreement.
  19. The Embassy has the sole right to accept, reject fully or partially the partially the selection process.
  20. The selected agency/firm/company will be informed and invited to put in its signature as a second party in the agreement with the Embassy as the first party.