The Documents of the following companies have been forwarded to VIZAG on 30 March 2018

LIST OF THE 9 (NINE) NEPALI  COMPANY:- ANNAURNA ENTERPRISES (BL. No SUBGSA N021306/NP, Dt 10/ 02 /2018) SHUVECHHA ENTERPR|SES (Bl. No.MAEU 963633767 Dated: 23-02-2018) L.D.International Pvt. Ltd.,(BL. No. SUBBRG-180853, dt. 21/2/2018) More Enterprises (BL. No. BLPLRGN1800169, dt. 11/3/2018) Shiv Shakti Dal Mill Pv.t Ltd., (BL. No. 963355900, dt. 04/02/2018) Shree Om Ji Trade International (BL. No,. 964146421, dt. 13/3/2018) New R.N. International

Press Release on 4th edition of the Counter Terrorism Conference

Press Release Hon Finance Minister Addresses Counter Terrorism Conference Hon Dr Yuba Raj Khatiwada, Minister of Finance, addressed today the inaugural session of the 4th edition of the Counter Terrorism Conference being held in Gurgaon, India. During his address, Hon Minister stated that terrorism is a menace not confined to a particular society, country or a region: it is a

Public Auction Notice

A public auction will be held for disposal of a number of items: scrap materials such as iron pipes, iron water tank, iron rods, etc. as well as scrap furniture from the Embassy of Nepal. Details of the items can be 0btained on request from the Administration Section of the Embassy. Therefore, the Embassy invites the interested parties to submit