The Embassy of Nepal in New Delhi started the live-enrollment of e-Passport from 08 June 2022. The e-Passport system requires the applicants to be physically present at the Embassy for live enrollment.  Hence, the applications for Machine Readable Passport (MRP) after 08 June 2022 will not be accepted.

Firstly, the applicant should submit the application along with the copies (Front and Back page) of the citizenship at the Embassy in order to verify it with concerned District Administration Office in Nepal. The time for the verification time depends on the response from the concerned DAO. When the Embassy receives the report of the verification from the District Administration Office, the applicant will be informed to approach the Embassy to apply for e-Passport.

Click here forCitizenship Verification Application Format

Applicants for e-Passport should compulsorily fill up online pre-enrollment form and book their appointment prior to their visit to the Embassy.  They must visit the Embassy in person on allocated date and time for live enrollment. No separate email or telephone call for appointment is required. 

Information on the procedures for pre-enrollment:

Pre-Enrollment for e-Passport:

1)   Open the link

2)   Click on apply for passport

3)   Select the type of application from the options available

a)   Select First Issuancefor a new passport and for the renewal of a handwritten passport

b)   Select Renewalfor the renewal of Machine Readable Passport (MRP)

c)    Select Replacement (Lost/Stolen)for the replacement of a lost/stolen passport

d)   Select Replacement (Damaged)for the replacement of the damaged passport

4)   Select Ordinary 34 Pages or 64 pages and click on Proceed

5)   Click on I Agree

6)   Fill up the Demographic Information, Citizenship Information, Applicant’s Contact Details and Contact Details in Case of Emergency (All mandatory fields as indicated by asterisk (*) must be filled in. National Identity Number (NIN) is not required.

7)   Click on Next and upload the required documents (the documents must be in jpeg/png format, and the size should not exceed 400kb). Select Minor for uploading documents for applicants less than 16 years of age, and Major for applicants above 16 years of age.

Documents to be uploaded by different applicants:

  a)  For a new or renewal of a Minor’s Passport:

i)   Minor Citizenship Certificate

ii)   Marriage Registration Certificate of parents

iii)  Passports of parents (Photo page and page 3)

iv)  Citizenship Certificates of parents (front and back page)

v)   Front page (photo page and page 3) and back page (page 31) of the current passport in the case of the renewal

 b)  For a new or renewal of a Major’s Passport:

i)  Citizenship Certificate (front and back page)

ii)  Front page (photo page and page 3) and back page (page 31) of the current passport in the case of the renewal

c)  For Replacement of Lost/Stolen passport

i)  Nepali Citizenship Certificate (front and back Page)

ii)  Front page (photo page and page 3) and back page (page 31) of the current passport

iii)  A police report with the details of the lost passport

 d)  For replacement of damaged passport

i)  Nepali Citizenship Certificate (front and back Page)

ii)  Front page (photo page and page 3) and back page (page 31) of the current passport

8)   Click on Next

9)   Select Other for Appointment Country

10)  Select NE, New Delhi for Appointment Location

11)  Select Date and time of Appointment, then click on Next

12)  Double check all the details in Application Summery and edit if necessary.

13)  Click on Save

14)  Note down your Request Number and click on Finish

15)  Click on Download PDF

16)  Print the downloaded form and bring it to the Embassy with you on the given date and time. (If the date of appointment falls on Weekend/Public holidays, you are requested to visit the Embassy on the day after such weekend/holidays. Please be informed to bring all the original documents with you)

Mode of payment- through online or Debit/Credit cards

Passport Fees:

For new passport, renewal:

For adults -Indian Currency 7,000.00 for 34 for 34 pages

For children below 10 years- fee will be half of the fee for adult

For lost/stolen/damaged passport: the fee will be double

(The e-Passport will be issued with a validity period of 5 years to such children. Within this period the child must obtain Minor Citizenship Certificate from his/her respective District/Area Administration Office in Nepal and must submit it for the next renewal.)

General Information:

⇒  The applicant must be physically present at the embassy for live enrollment for e-Passport.

⇒  The applicants above 5 years of age are not required to bring photos for e-Passport. But the applicants under 5 years must bring 35mm X 45mm sized high resolution borderless photo with white background.

⇒   Do not write Mr./Mrs./ Ms./Dr. etc. with first name. Write middle name (if any) with the first name unless your existing document/s require otherwise.

⇒  Compulsorily fill up the mandatory details as indicated by the asterisk (*).

⇒  Applicants are requested to apply for e-Passport with sufficient time-margin as it takes more than one month to issue an e-Passport from the date of application.

⇒  MRPs can also be used as long as they are valid. Hence, no need to apply for an e-Passport if the validity is more than a year.

Collecting the passport:

Once the e-Passport is ready, the Embassy will inform the applicant to collect the passport. The applicant may collect the passport by authorizing someone to collect it on his/her behalf as well. For this, the following documents must be sent to:

–      A signed authorization letter addressed to the Embassy

–      A copy of the applicant’s old passport and the Nepali Citizenship Certificate/Minor Identity card

The previous passport must be presented to the embassy for cancellation at the time of collecting the new one.

Application processing time

-One month

Additional information on e-Passport can also be found on the website of the Department of Passports, Kathmandu –