Embassy of Nepal,

New Delhi


The Embassy of Nepal, New Delhi invites quotations from firms/agencies/companies that are keen in supplying housekeeping and cleaning services as per the requirements of the embassy at its premises.

  1. Scope of Works:

( a)   Routine Cleaning

  • Cleaning and sweeping services of the Chancery Block, Ambassador’s Residence Block, guest rooms, party hall and common areas that preside within the embassy premises.
  • Cleaning /moping of corridors, rooms, windows, stairs and the floors of chancery building block as well as the Ambassador’s Residence block.
  • Cleaning / dusting of office tables, furniture, boards, pictures, paintings, sculptures, idols and artifacts and office equipment etc.
  • Vacuum cleaning of carpets/carpeted area of office, Ambassador’s Residence and guest rooms.
  • Cleaning/sweeping of toilets/ washrooms of chancery building, ambassador’s residence, guest rooms, meeting rooms.
  • Cleaning common areas and corridors of staff quarters.
  • Cleaning/removing garbage/ waste paper from rooms, staff quarters and disposing of accumulated garbage in the container that has been installed by the local authority in the nearby area.
  • Sweeping/brushing of all roads in the embassy premises.

( b)   Weekly Cleaning

  • Cleaning/ sweeping of the roofs and balcony of all the buildings.
  • Cleaning/sweeping of common utility areas  and  parking areas.

(c)    Monthly Cleaning

  • Washing/buffing of all granite/marbles/tiles and Cota stone by using machine.
  • Cleaning of glass windows of the office building from outside.
  1. Timely cleaning work is to be conducted on a daily basis as per the time to time instructions by the concerned authority of the Embassy.
  1. The agency/firm/company should have a valid and updated registration and tax certificate that is in accordance with local law.
  1. The agency /firm/company should have good a track record of providing such manpower and services.
  1. The dress of the cleaning personnel must have an uniform that is supplied by the company and personnel employed by the firm/agency/company has to be fit to perform such duties.
  1. The agency/firm/company should be able to provide additional manpower as and when required by the Embassy.
  1. Priority will be given to an agency/firm/company that has experience in this field or has provided services of this nature to any diplomatic mission.
  1. Interested agencies /firms /companies are to submit their quotations with a bulk amount that states its monthly expenses /charges to the administration section latest by 30 September 2017. The quotations will be opened in next working day at 15:00hrs.
  1. The agencies /firms /companies will use their own cleaning equipment and also supply all the required cleaning materials including toilet papers, towels, liquid hand wash, soap, detergent, garbage bags etc. of good quality and too in sufficient quantities.
  1. The embassy will not be responsible for any social security, insurance, leave or any other emolument / benefits for the security personnel. This will all be provided or taken care by the firm/ agency/ company.
  1. The contract that is provided to the agency/firm/company will only be valid till July 2018.
  1. The Embassy has the sole right to accept, reject fully or partially the selection process.
  1. The selected agency/firm/company will be informed and invited to put in its signature as a second party in the agreement with the Embassy as the first party.
  1. Interested agencies /firms /companies are invited to inspect the embassy complex/site on any working day.

Date: 15 September, 2017